Tell me about the world’s number one watch, the Patek Philippe.

replica Patek Philippe watches is a historical brand, yes, founded in 1839, but that’s not very important, most of what people call it No Swiss brand is too late, not even earlier, like Breguet in 1775 or Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1833! , Tissot was also founded in 1853 and so on. It’s also true that most of Patek Philippe’s watches are made of precious metals, but it’s also true that the top brands use precious metals as their primary material. For example, A. Lange & Söhne hardly produces any watches made of cheap metal, and Patek Philippe has quite a few watches made of cheap metal. A part of the watches are stainless steel, so that’s not his main reason. Many of you have also talked about rarity, and indeed, Patek Philippe does not make more than 10,000 of these at any one time, and the cumulative number of pieces produced to date is also very small. But over 600,000 of them, but is that the most important reason? Obviously not, because equally exceptional brands like GreubelForsey, Roger Dubuis, etc. produce so few watches each year that it’s hard to argue with them. Not as much as one watch series from Patek Philippe, like the Blancpain Fuchs, which only produces 100-150 watches per year. Other friends say that all Patek Philippe watches are handmade, how many of the top watches are not handmade? This is equally unconvincing. Others argue that many of Patek Philippe’s watches are meticulously engraved and are works of art, but Vacheron Constantin’s Artisan Collection, the Jaquetro Why are you the “King of Watches”, Patek Philippe?

Patek Philippe Museum, Geneva, Ref. P0844 (1936)

First, Patek Philippe has the beauty of innovation.

Patek Philippe is a master of innovation, and since its founding in 1839 it has patented a number of products, including a screwdriver, a screwdriver, and a watchmaker’s watch. Winding, precision adjuster, double timer, large spiral balance wheel, peripheral automatic winding rotor, and related balance wheel spindles This is an unparalleled beauty that many brands have not been able to match. The beauty of this unparalleled innovation is something not many brands can match.

Patek Philippe Museum, Geneva, Ref. P0844 (1936)

Secondly, Patek Philippe has the beauty of understatement.

What do you guys think is the beauty of understatement? Patek Philippe’s mastery of complications is second to none, but many of its complication models are not as sophisticated as some of the others. The dials are as varied and dazzling as the brand’s, and there are even a lot of “dizzy” buttons on the side of the watch. Simple and straightforward, even such important complications as the tourbillon are not “shown off” on the dial, but on the case back, if not on the case back. Turned upside down, not even visible, and even the back of the watch is also designed with a beautiful and exquisite plate, let a person admire, this kind of “deep hidden merit and fame”! “The understated beauty, I’m afraid that many brands can only hope.

Innovation, understatement, confidence, in our view, this is what makes Patek Philippe unique, and even the soul of Patek Philippe, which is precisely what others want to imitate are difficult to learn, because of the pursuit of each other and the different realm.

Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Refs. 5524G & 5524R (Large-size – 42mm)

Third, the “touching” legend

If those two points above are still visible uniqueness, then this is the unseen, but felt uniqueness. I’m sure many watch brands have some particularly touching or appealing legend, but as soon as a Patek Philippe is remembered or mentioned It’s true that it’s rare to find a brand that is immediately revered, and this feeling is of course the result of a combination of many perceptual pathways, not necessarily one or two. This includes what friends talk about, what leaders love, what stories inspire, what ads inspire, etc., such as one of Patek Philippe’s most iconic lines The slogan “Nobody owns a Patek Philippe, they’re just keeping it for the next generation” is not just for watches, I’m afraid, but for any other business! It’s hard to find such overbearing confidence, and it’s not without reason that some explain it as being rooted in genetics. And then there are the watch auctions that regularly make the headlines, with Patek Philippe almost always holding the record for the most expensive watch and the most expensive record! It’s hard not to feel good about Patek Philippe after such an onslaught of information for those who follow the watch regularly.

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