Why it’s ideal for all men. The Patek Philippe Nautilus Annual Calendar.

I wonder if the two founders of replica PATEK PHILIPPE watches would have predicted that when the brand was founded, it would not be able to achieve its goals. More than a hundred years later, an innovative collection that goes beyond the classics – the Nautilus – will be featured in sports watches and even on entire bezels! Making Waves. Today, the Nautilus has become an integral part of Patek Philippe, and it has acquired another The widely known name – the Nautilus. Today, we take a closer look at an annual calendar watch from this collection. (Ref: 5726/1A-014)

Patek Philippe Sport Elegance 5726/1A-014

The Nautilus collection is both elegant and sporty, in fact, it is this characteristic that makes it one of the most versatile watches in the collection. Stand out. In the Patek Philippe Museum in Switzerland, you can see that the history of Patek Philippe can be traced back to the time before the two founders joined forces. Throughout its long history, Patek Philippe has always maintained in its timepieces that “reliability is the hallmark of innovation”. Watchmaking philosophy. Thus, bringing us one rare piece after another.

Patek Philippe Sport Elegance 5726/1A-014

This Nautilus Annual Calendar watch was presented to the public for the first time at Baselworld 2019, thanks to the The Nautilus collection has been extremely well received by consumers, thanks to its innovative dial design and functions. attention. In the history of Patek Philippe watchmaking, complications have generally, or overwhelmingly, come in precious metal cases. The watch, however, was paired with a sporty steel model, and at first, the public opinion was not favorable.

Patek Philippe Sport Elegance 5726/1A-014

With a 40.5 mm case diameter, the iconic square case with a dial displaying the date, day of the week, month and moon phase. The smoky gradient dial design gives this 5726 more detail and depth in its design. The gradient blue and black dial looks different in different light and angles and adds more fun for the wearer.

The moon phase dial of this annual calendar watch is integrated into the date window, and the layout of the dial remains symmetrical. The hands and hour markers are coated with a luminescent coating to ensure that the wearer can keep track of the time even in dim conditions. On the oscillating weight of the movement, the iconic Patek Philippe hallmark is clearly visible. This means that the watch is of genuine Patek Philippe origin. The 324 S QA LU 24H self-winding movement with date, month and moon-equivalent functions, as well as an automatic storage capacity of 324 S QA LU 24H, is a true Patek Philippe. It is often around 35-45 hours.

For more than 180 years, Patek Philippe has represented a pioneering and innovative force in the watchmaking industry. Since then, Patek Philippe has made a number of important breakthroughs in the field of watchmaking that have defined the way we look at watchmaking today. A way to measure time. People who love time and mechanics are proud to own a Patek Philippe, but even so, we know – “We never! Truly owning a Patek Philippe, we’re just keeping it safe for the next generation”.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5015 and Ref. 5396.

Sports watches are all the rage these days, and the Cheap Patek Philippe watches  blue-face 5711 is hard to come by, and this year marks the 40th anniversary of the Nautilus. It’s definitely a topical series, and Aquanaut’s 5167 is a popular fried chicken, but I always thought that the The Calatrava is a timeless classic with a simple and elegant look. The 5015 was my first performance Patek Philippe purchase in the 1990s, and the 5396 is the most functional in terms of overall shape and design. Appealing to me.

The appearance of Patek Philippe’s 5015 officer case with openable back cover, perfect performance layout and magnetic white dial is a perfect combination.

Watches with a strong classicist style and craftsmanship usually have a classic look, which is timeless, irreplaceable, and can be handed down. A classic that will always be dear to the heart. In the 1990s, Patek Philippe introduced the 5015, an officer’s case with an openable caseback, a perfect performance layout and a magnetized case. The white dial was a classic model that drove many fans of the watch crazy. The most special feature of the 5015 is its moon phase, which has the ability to indicate the “age of the moon” with 135 teeth. to an error of only one day every 122 years, so a pointer running at the same pace as the month was added to the middle of the moon phase display window, and A day-by-day scale was added above the umbrella window of the moon phase so that the date of the lunar calendar could be clearly displayed, the first of its kind that year. A watch with this feature is well worth collecting.

This is the earliest platinum version I have, the hallmark is still an antelope head rather than a St. Bernard dog head, and it belongs to a pre-1995 vintage! Hallmark. The 5015 is powered by a Cal.240 movement with a micro-rotor in 22k gold, unidirectional winding and is a thinner version of the Design, thickness 2.4MM, frequency 21,600 vibrations, equipped with a single layer of alloy hairspring, by the balance wheel can change the eight torsional pitch It is a new generation of self-winding movements developed by Patek Philippe in the 1970s, with the Masselotte counterweight screw to fine-tune the speed. It has been in use for nearly 40 years and can be found in models up to the perpetual calendar, performing quite competently. The officer’s case with an opening back has been very popular, and the subsequent 5059 Perpetual Calendar and 5013 basic models have been well received. Good, the 36mm scale is optimal, and although it looks a bit too small now, the classic will always be intriguing. Incidentally, Patek Philippe 5227 has the Calatrava model, but it also has the exclusive design of an open back clearance, which is the only one of its kind. A classic among classics, well worth owning.

Patek Philippe’s 5396 ivory white dial and arrow-shaped hands are the most attractive classic style in all the PP calendars.

Patek Philippe’s 5396 has had a total of three dial designs to date, the first 5396 being a railroad split scale, willow leaf hands. Very elegant, the second generation of the 5396 has the same performance configuration, but the ivory dial and arrow-shaped hands are very attractive to me, playing with the watch. The 5396 has been in my collection for a long time, as all of my friends know the deadly attraction of watches and how hard it is to get rid of a poisoned watch. The 5396’s charm is irresistible: the bar-shaped hour markers are fitted with a bead splitting scale and two apertures at the bottom of the 12 o’clock display, from left to right, showing The day of the week and the month, there is a twenty-four hour performance displayed by the hands around the lower moon dial, so it is easy to understand the morning and afternoon time. In the part where the date is changed, the hand slowly shifts the date at 11:40 p.m. and bounces at about 12:40 p.m., when the calendar It is a bit muddled and muddled to the left, and not until 1:30 a.m. that it is righted to the right again and returns to the correct position. It’s a problem with the overall design of the calendar structure of the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar, which is common to all annual calendars and which I prefer. Being concerned.

The 324 of the first generation is a Geneva Seal, my 5396 belongs to the first batch of the second generation, also a Geneva Seal, and after this batch That is why I switched to the Patek Philippe Seal. According to the manufacturer, the accuracy of the Patek Philippe Seal has been improved and I am very concerned about whether it is more accurate than the chronometer! Certified level, it’s a good thing that the 5396 with the Hallmark of Geneva is in good condition, about three seconds faster a day, which is already very satisfying! .

The 324 movement equipped with the 5396 increased the seismic frequency from 21600 to 28800. The accuracy is better, the automatic disk is thickened, and the winding performance is also improved.

The pre-1970s Patek Philippe automatic calibres 600 and 460 are collectors’ items and are considered to be the finest of all players. The model, characterized by precision and durability, good winding efficiency, and a Gyromax balance with a double hairspring, is almost flawless. The 28-255 was used by Patek Philippe from the 1970s onwards, the best known model being the first generation 3700 with a 42mm diameter. Stainless steel is currently trading at around $50,000 and is a collector’s item, followed by the introduction of the 240 and 310 calibers. The heart of Patek Philippe’s automatic watches, but these successors had nothing to do with the initial 600 and 460 in terms of design or system. Totally different, unlike IWC’s Pellaton system, even after nearly sixty years the latest movement is still the same. It uses a “woodpecker” winding mechanism. Patek Philippe has now adopted the 324 movement, which is similar in construction to its predecessors in the 300 series, including the 315 and 330. For comparison, the eight Masselotte counterweight screws on the inside of the balance wheel have been replaced with four, with the factory claiming that fewer screws help the Balance of the balance wheel.

In the early days of the Patek Philippe Calibre, the counterweight screws were mounted on the balance ring in a complicated process that was later modified for mass production. The screws are installed on the inside of the balance wheel, which is less difficult to make, but in fact, 6 or 2 screws are just as good for fine-tuning effect. It will do the job, except that the eight are still in the style of the early Patek Philippe, which was a favorite of Patek Philippe fans. The 324 also increases the frequency from 21,600 to 28,800 for better accuracy, a thicker rotor, and improved winding efficiency. Basically, it is a partial improvement in performance, and now with the replacement of the silicon crystal hairspring and other escapement mechanisms, it has improved the accuracy of the runtime.

The 5035, the first annual calendar model launched in 1996, is an unprecedented feature. In its twentieth year, Patek Philippe introduced the third dial, the 5396, with a sword-shaped hand for the Arabic numerals in plain English. It doesn’t match, but it would be better with a willow leaf hand, which would be a perfect combination with a Breguet hand. Patek Philippe’s 5041 or the limited edition 5153, created for London last year, also have Arabic letters and Breguet hands, which are the perfect combination for a watch like this. The clock is the classic orthodox way of doing things.

The Patek Philippe Patek Philippe watch I’d like to own!

With more than 160 years of watchmaking experience, Patek Philippe watches are a timeless pursuit for any collector with taste, and for This is Cheap Patek Philippe watches especially true for connoisseurs of fine tradition and quality craftsmanship. The brand’s prestigious collections include a number of unique features and functions, such as constant-motion watches, annual calendar watches, tourbillons. As well as Jaeger-LeCoultre watches and more.

  Patek Philippe is always a regular at prestigious watch auctions like Antiquorum and seems to be forever refreshing the An amazing track record of deals. Brands love that kind of perpetual success – so, like Albert Einstein, Duke Ellington, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Queen Victoria, Pope Pius IX, and Rudyard. Kipling is one of the stars on Patek Philippe’s prestigious list of former clients.

Patek Philippe Calatrava series

This series launched in 1932 adheres to the avant-garde aesthetic concept, with its soft lines, noble elegance and exquisite interpretation of aesthetic creativity. The breathtaking design reflects the core mission Patek Philippe has always adhered to-the unremitting pursuit of perfection.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Collection

  The Calatrava collection is based on the beautiful Calatrava Cross ( Calatrava Cross) was named for the Calatrava. The first Calatrava appeared in 1932. Over the past 70 years, Patek Philippe’s designers have continued to expand the collection, adding more and more exceptional designs to it! and functionality. It remains Patek Philippe’s most popular collection to this day, having evolved to create at least 24 different models.

  One of the brand’s most famous collections, Calatrava combines the roundness of the dial with the classic beauty of the watch’s shape. together.

  At first, Patek Philippe Calatrava, following the creative philosophy of the German Bauhaus School of Architecture and Art – that forms should be Meeting functional needs. To this day, designers continue to apply the Bauhaus philosophy in the development of the Calatrava. The Calatrava collection reflects the idea that the primary responsibility of a chronograph is to be as precise as possible. Record time. The Bauhaus school has always eschewed excessive and useless decorative details, so the Calatrava collection will never let any design Too much attention is drawn to the wearer – the visual focus is always on the recording of time. The first Bauhaus-style Calatrava set the tone for every subsequent watch in the collection.

Patek Philippe Gondolo series

The Gondolo series was launched in 1993 and is a modern interpretation of Art Deco style by Patek Philippe. It fully demonstrates Patek Philippe’s consistent pursuit of making unique watches, inheriting the company’s history. The name of this series is derived from the “Chronometro Gondolo” watch, which was produced by Patek Philippe for the famous Brazilian retailer “Gondolo & Labouriau” from 1902 to 1930.

The Gondolo Collection

  The story of the Gondolo collection goes back to the period 1900-1928. At that time, Patek Philippe was working with the Gondolo and Labouriau jewellery store in Rio de Janeiro. Collaboration. As a result of this collaboration, the Chronometro Gondolo pocket watch was born, with its superior quality and The precision of the mechanism quickly won the hearts of watch collectors.

  In 1910, Patek Philippe introduced a watch model for the Gondolo, which had a variety of tonneau-shaped dials. Patek, square, rectangle or even polygon, was inspired by the work of designers from other watchmaking companies around the world. The Brazilian shareholders were so pleased with this initiative that they have since adopted “Patek” as the name of their “watch”. ” used synonymously.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Series

The length and width of the Golden Ellipse oval case have an extraordinary golden ratio. The Golden Ellipse series was born in 1968 and undoubtedly wrote the most beautiful chapter in the history of watchmaking. The simplest way to perfectly embody the essence of Patek Philippe, combining bold simplicity and orthodox purity, this watch has become one of Patek Philippe’s flagship products, let people know from Patek Philippe at a glance.

Golden Ellipse Series

  With the Golden Ellipse, Patek Philippe has achieved a perfect unity of watch shape and elegance. The oval shape of the dial signifies the classic integration of round and rectangular shapes. Patek Philippe’s first Golden Ellipse was launched in 1968. At the time, Patek Philippe’s watches were unlike any of their contemporaries. The Golden Ellipse was more than just a temporary fad; it was golden in its perfection. Proportions that will forever place it on the classic list of the world’s watchmaking history.

  Golden Ellipse’s oval shape, based on the classical theory of the golden division by the ancient Greek mathematicians. These classic proportions have already resulted in countless architectural and artistic masterpieces. It is a watch that is both bold in design and elegant in equal measure. Its iconic design has long been recognized as a trendsetter, and to this day it remains the most recognizable watch in the world! one of the styles.

  Today, Patek Philippe’s designers continue to introduce new models to the Golden Ellipse collection, even adding the Jewelry design. No matter how it changes, the essence of the design will always stand out. Golden Ellipse Precision Timekeeping It even extends the centuries-old tradition of Geneva watchmaking.

Tell me about the world’s number one watch, the Patek Philippe.

replica Patek Philippe watches is a historical brand, yes, founded in 1839, but that’s not very important, most of what people call it No Swiss brand is too late, not even earlier, like Breguet in 1775 or Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1833! , Tissot was also founded in 1853 and so on. It’s also true that most of Patek Philippe’s watches are made of precious metals, but it’s also true that the top brands use precious metals as their primary material. For example, A. Lange & Söhne hardly produces any watches made of cheap metal, and Patek Philippe has quite a few watches made of cheap metal. A part of the watches are stainless steel, so that’s not his main reason. Many of you have also talked about rarity, and indeed, Patek Philippe does not make more than 10,000 of these at any one time, and the cumulative number of pieces produced to date is also very small. But over 600,000 of them, but is that the most important reason? Obviously not, because equally exceptional brands like GreubelForsey, Roger Dubuis, etc. produce so few watches each year that it’s hard to argue with them. Not as much as one watch series from Patek Philippe, like the Blancpain Fuchs, which only produces 100-150 watches per year. Other friends say that all Patek Philippe watches are handmade, how many of the top watches are not handmade? This is equally unconvincing. Others argue that many of Patek Philippe’s watches are meticulously engraved and are works of art, but Vacheron Constantin’s Artisan Collection, the Jaquetro Why are you the “King of Watches”, Patek Philippe?

Patek Philippe Museum, Geneva, Ref. P0844 (1936)

First, Patek Philippe has the beauty of innovation.

Patek Philippe is a master of innovation, and since its founding in 1839 it has patented a number of products, including a screwdriver, a screwdriver, and a watchmaker’s watch. Winding, precision adjuster, double timer, large spiral balance wheel, peripheral automatic winding rotor, and related balance wheel spindles This is an unparalleled beauty that many brands have not been able to match. The beauty of this unparalleled innovation is something not many brands can match.

Patek Philippe Museum, Geneva, Ref. P0844 (1936)

Secondly, Patek Philippe has the beauty of understatement.

What do you guys think is the beauty of understatement? Patek Philippe’s mastery of complications is second to none, but many of its complication models are not as sophisticated as some of the others. The dials are as varied and dazzling as the brand’s, and there are even a lot of “dizzy” buttons on the side of the watch. Simple and straightforward, even such important complications as the tourbillon are not “shown off” on the dial, but on the case back, if not on the case back. Turned upside down, not even visible, and even the back of the watch is also designed with a beautiful and exquisite plate, let a person admire, this kind of “deep hidden merit and fame”! “The understated beauty, I’m afraid that many brands can only hope.

Innovation, understatement, confidence, in our view, this is what makes Patek Philippe unique, and even the soul of Patek Philippe, which is precisely what others want to imitate are difficult to learn, because of the pursuit of each other and the different realm.

Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Refs. 5524G & 5524R (Large-size – 42mm)

Third, the “touching” legend

If those two points above are still visible uniqueness, then this is the unseen, but felt uniqueness. I’m sure many watch brands have some particularly touching or appealing legend, but as soon as a Patek Philippe is remembered or mentioned It’s true that it’s rare to find a brand that is immediately revered, and this feeling is of course the result of a combination of many perceptual pathways, not necessarily one or two. This includes what friends talk about, what leaders love, what stories inspire, what ads inspire, etc., such as one of Patek Philippe’s most iconic lines The slogan “Nobody owns a Patek Philippe, they’re just keeping it for the next generation” is not just for watches, I’m afraid, but for any other business! It’s hard to find such overbearing confidence, and it’s not without reason that some explain it as being rooted in genetics. And then there are the watch auctions that regularly make the headlines, with Patek Philippe almost always holding the record for the most expensive watch and the most expensive record! It’s hard not to feel good about Patek Philippe after such an onslaught of information for those who follow the watch regularly.

Top Best Luxury Watches Guide

Who is our first watch brand?

Patek Philippe is undoubtedly the best recognized brand in the world. It is known as “the blue blood nobleman in the watch.” As the first open authentication center in China, it has a limited amount of 6002G, which is the only one in the world. Patek Philippe is also the brand most favored by high-end consumers and has maintained a good sales performance.

Very much like the classic slogan: “No one can own Patek Philippe, but just keep it for the next generation.”

However, the average price of Rolex, which is the darling of the watch industry, is still better than that of Patek Philippe. The average price of Rolex watches is about 7967 euros, which is equivalent to about RMB 60,000. And this average price is slightly inferior on the list.

fake Vacheron Constantin watches has a history of 231 years and is the world’s oldest and longest-lasting branded watch. It produces only over 20,000 pieces per year. The cross mark on the dial like the Swiss national emblem is already a taste, status and wealth. Symbol.

Lange Watch is a very accurate German mechanical watch brand. Its main features are: unparalleled exquisite technology and high standards of perfect handwork. The rare non-Swiss watch brand, which is an authentic Eastern German product, once disappeared due to the authoritarian rule of the former East Germany, but the two Germans regained their youth after reunification. Lange insisted only to make mechanical precious metal watches, making its quality and price are still high, generally more than 100,000 yuan, and the general domestic shopping malls can not buy.

Swiss watch brand national, in the 10th Paris Global Watch Exhibition held in 1889, Audemars Piguet’s Grand Complication exhibition, exquisite design attracted great repercussions, renowned, international reputation, Audemars Piguet watches on the table The altar established a noble status. Today, Audemars Piguet, under the leadership of the fourth generation descendants of the Audemars and Piguet families, has achieved outstanding success, has been highly praised by watch connoisseurs and collectors and has become one of the world’s top ten watches.

Blancpain – The world’s most complex and versatile all-hand mechanical watch. Since 1735, Blancpain has never produced a quartz watch. This purpose will be consistent and last forever. The oldest watchmaking brand Blancpain has no flow-through factory. The manufacturing process is carried out in an old farmhouse. It was handcrafted by individual watchmakers. Until today, every Blancpain timepiece was inspected by the watchmaker himself, engraved with numbers and signatures, and the strict quality control was the same as many years ago.

Breguet has been the most important synonym for Swiss watches for many years and has undergone restructuring in recent years. In 1747, Breguet was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He lives most of his time in Paris. He created countless great inventions in his life. He is active in every area of ​​the watchmaking industry. A series of breakthroughs have made his career continue to climb. The peaks, such as the improved automatic watch, the bell clock spring used for inventing the bell, and the shock absorbers, etc., are surprising even more with its neo-classical simplicity.

The replica Jaeger-LeCoultre watches is a typical Swiss designer watch. Many Swiss brand watches have the following two characteristics: the JOUX valley from the Jura Mountains, such as Piaget; the crystallization of the two, such as Patek Philippe (created by Patek PATEK and Graceful PHILLIPE), Girard-Perregaux (Collaborated by Grardt and Perregaux) et al. The two features are, for example, Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre, which enjoy great reputation in the world.

In 1874, Georges Edouard Piaget started with a movement. In 1940, Piaget’s grandson opened up the international market for the development of Piaget. After a hundred years of development, Piaget made great achievements. In addition to the original mechanical running device, Piaget’s all cases and bracelets must be cast in 18K gold or white gold, and the design of the surface decoration is more colorful, most of the precious stones such as mother of pearl, agate and other precious stones. to make.

It is not easy to be ranked among the top luxury watch brand rankings. Of course, the world-class watch brands are far more than these. The above describes only the world’s top brands. The watches in the luxury watch brand rankings all have superb craftsmanship and value. As a result, the number of such top watches is limited and precious; secondly, it is a unique collection of personal styles and techniques that are very collectible.